Time Management

Course Description

Being overwhelmed or swamped by work usually creates a feeling of powerlessness. People who feel this way often say, “There’s so much to do I don’t have time.” The principles involved in time management awareness attempt to reduce this reaction and pave the way for individuals to take control of their time and their lives.

Course objective

Develop practical strategies to help you tackle issues that make you appear disorganized.


  • 1.1. The Critical resource
  • 1.2. Misconception of time
  • 1.3. Where does your time go
  • 1.4. Symptoms of poor time management
  • 1.5. Time thieves
  • 1.6. Saboteur time styles
  • 1.7. Culture and time
  • 1.8. Getting oriented to manage time
  • 1.9. Overcoming barriers to time management