Report Writing

Course Description

Report writing is an essential skill for professionals. Mastering report writing is key to your success in the organization and it does not have to be a pain. How you write communicates volumes about you as you are not there to defend or explain what is on paper. A report should inform and persuade as succinctly as possible with evidence.

Course objective

To get tips on writing reports clearly and concisely so as that they can be acted on.


  • 1.1. Why write reports
  • 1.2. Who are your audience
  • 1.3. How to get started
  • 1.4. Report Structure
  • 1.5. Findings
  • 1.6. Conclusion
  • 1.7. Recommendation
  • 1.8. Executive summary
  • 1.9. Editing and Polishing