Personal Finance

Course Description

The common sense you already possess is a large contributor to your path to financial freedom. We believe people on a budget can still enjoy fabulous and fun lives. Saving money is a trendy subject; but it is cooler than ever to get started despite how much you make. Personal finance is a subject that is not taught in many schools, but is something that nearly everyone has to deal with in their lives later on. Today, the average person is financially illiterate even at the highest levels of education. The difficulty of trying to balance spending and saving is sometimes a recipe for financial disaster which can be both scary and thrilling. A wise man once said: "Most people don't plan to fail; they just fail to plan." The end result is the same: failure to reach financial independence.

Course objective

Learn how to set financial goals and a personal budget to help monitor your spending and areas of wastage.


  • 1.1. The myths we believe about money
  • 1.2. Money Personalities
  • 1.3. Characteristics of various money personalities
  • 1.4. Review your spending habits
  • 1.5. Understanding the basic principles of money
  • 1.6. Setting Financial Goals
  • 1.7. How to manage debt – 1st step to financial freedom
  • 1.8. How to save money
  • 1.9. Developing a personal budget