Negotiation Skills

Course Description

Negotiation is a fact of life. The very thought of negotiating sounds intimidating, yet we do it all the time and not only for business. As life becomes complex and the world more diverse, your ability to use negotiation skills is more important. The mindset you bring into each and every negotiation is just as important as the tactics and tools you use. Dale Carniege says “if you help people get what they want, they will help you get what you want.”

Course objective

Understand the negotiation process and the importance of identifying the negotiation drivers.


  • 1.1. Understanding negotiation
  • 1.2. Negotiation styles
  • 1.3. Getting Prepared
  • 1.4. Laying the foundation
  • 1.5. Exchanging information
  • 1.6. Bargaining
  • 1.7. Mutual gain
  • 1.8. Dealing with difficult issues
  • 1.9. Closing the negotiation
  • 1.10. Golden rules for negotiating