Meet our team


Catherine is an inspiring certified trainer since 2012, a consultant trainer with British Council (Kenya) and the lead trainer of Seiso Consultancy which offers courses in Business Communication Skills, Productivity skills, Personal development, Customer Service and Train the Trainer. Her focus is on an organization’s greatest asset – People. Having worked as a finance manager and consultant she is well versed with all aspects of management. She incorporates her 10 years of management experience when training. Her hands-on, personable style means each participant gets the best. It takes the right blend of information, introspection and humour to cause people to look at them-selves and be willing to change. With clients from Corporates, government, UN bodies, non- governmental organizations and individuals, she has earned universal praise for her dedication to their success.

Fatma Elmaawy

Fatma is an individual and organizational growth strategist whose passion is training and empowering people to grow. She tackles all assignments with enthusiasm and fun without losing focus of the results. Fatma brings a lot of practical experience in the fields of Leadership, Management and Marketing (Sales, Customer Service and Value Chain Management). She has held a number of senior positions with leading airlines like Kenya Airways, Emirates & Qatar. She is an associate consultant with CfBT (British Education Trust) and develops products for middle /& low income private schools in Kenya and thereafter trains. She has worked with World Bank on the Lighting Africa project in building capacity for business owners in the alternative energy sector as well as AMSCO (African Management Services Company) on the GOWE project (Growth Oriented Women Entrepreneurs) training business owners in product development and marketing. Fatma passionately believes in inspiring people to unleash their own aspirations and achieve their goals

Shilpa Shah

Shilpa is a management trainer, facilitator, trainer of trainers and communication skills expert. She is an associate trainer of ACF, MDF-ESA, and Norwegian Peace Corps. She has twenty (20) years’ experience in training, teaching and coaching which include eight (8) years of international training exposure. She holds a Bachelor of Administration degree from the University of London and two postgraduate diplomas in Business Administration and Teaching Modern Languages. Shilpa’s facilitation is participant centred, interactive, creative and fun. The focus is on internal change and growth which contributes to getting results fast. Her approach is simple, practical and powerful. She has trained hundreds of corporate and Non- Governmental Organizations staff in soft skills including UNICEF, Oxfam GB, CISP Somalia, Embassy of Sweden, Kenya Airways, General Electric, British High Commission, Aon Insurance and Libya Oil.