Managing Conflicting Opinions

Course Description

Conflict is a fact of life, and particularly of organizational life. In organizations people are bound to have varied opinions of issues depending on many factors such as educational background, culture, social status and hierarchy. This causes stress when everyone is trying to push their opinion regardless of the other person’s thoughts. It does not have to be that way, learning to deal with conflicting opinions in a positive and constructive way, without excessive stress, is therefore an important way to improve your well-being as well as your relationships.

Course objective

To enable participants find the hidden treasure in conflicting situations so as to find a solution.


  • 1.1. What is conflict?
  • 1.2. Thinking matters
  • 1.3. Dealing with differences of opinions
  • 1.4. The believing vs doubting game
  • 1.5. Learning how to play the believing game